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HB Body 1L 2k Hs Primer Grey and 250ml Hardener

1 x 1L 2k HS Primer Grey

1 x 250ml Hardener

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HB 534

A high quality 4:1 HS Primer which is fast drying in 1 hour at 23°C with excellent adhesion to all metals and plastic bumpers. You can apply direct to unsanded OEM panels (E-COAT) by adding 50% Thinner. It has good covering and filling properties (2 coats 120-140 micron). Very easy to sand with smooth surface without orange peel.

Isocyanate hardener for 534 primer.

When spraying 2K paints, 2K lacquers and 2K primers the use of an air fed mask is highly recommended as fumes are extremely harmful.