Lambretta Paints



We also mix Vespa/Piaggio colours!

Important Notes:

When spraying 2K paints, 2K lacquers and 2K primers the use of an air fed mask is highly recommended as fumes are extremely harmful.

Always be sure that your primer is fully cured before the application of topcoats.
Failure to do so can result in non-drying paint due to trapped solvents.

Quality paints mixed, with care, for you.
When you shop with Lambretta Paints you will find that our team are dedicated to ensuring you get the right products for the job at the right price. Our extensive product range includes colours for all Lambrettas as originally formulated by the Lechler paint company in Italy and supplied to the Innocenti factory.

Our colours range from 1947 with examples such as Rosso Rubino (Ruby Red), Azzuro (Azure Blue). We have all the colours  used in the original production together with formulations for colours used on scooters produced in India and Spain.

If you're looking to carry out a complete restoration, or simply to repair some minor scratches we carry a complete range of quality products, as used by the professionals, to enable you to carry out the job with the least effort and best results.

All our paints are custom mixed at our facility based in Cheshire, UK by our fully trained and very experienced staff. We only use components supplied by the Lechler factory in Italy to ensure our colour matching is of a consistently high quality.

Beyond our range of custom mixed colours we also supply a huge range of body repair materials including: Masking tapes & Papers. Etch Primer, primer & lacquer. Paint surface finishing products from the World renowned Farecla company whose products are used both for the restoration and renovation of old paintwork, together with products to put the finishing touches to newly painted items.

Just remember, the products you will be using to repair or restore your treasured Lambretta have been tried and tested in the motor trade for many years and ensure a good quality and long lasting job. Together with our expertise you can keep your Lambretta looking good for many years to come.